27 Aug 2015

The Great British Summer

So this year we have had a pretty rubbish summer. The weather has been consistently cold and wet, except from when I’ve been in work for some reason – it’s been lovely then! But this really sucks as I haven’t been able to wear summer-y clothes. 

I really love this shirt, its might not be clear in these pictures but it’s covered in little watermelons! 

I'm wearing:
Shirt from Okeysi
High waisted shorts from Topshop
bought on ebay for £6
Tights from Primark
Bag from Accessorize
for £6
Shoes from Primark for £6

I'm listening to:


  1. Hey, there's a bit of golden hour sunshine in there! In all honesty though, I almost wish I lived in the UK just for the weather (I know anyone British would probably groan at that...) because I'm just such a fan of layers. It's too hot too long in the Midwest.

    1. I don't mind it most of the time- as long as we get our two weeks of heat wave a year and it doesn't rain too much, it isn't too bad. (I'm a big fan of layers too