13 Jul 2016

Last Year in the Botanics

So I haven’t been posting in a while. This blog is basically dead and my instagram is pretty much ignored. If you for some reason are still here from before (first of all, thanks for sticking around) you may be wondering what happened to me. I’d like to say that my life got very busy with working as many hours as I could and getting ready for university, but that’s not really the full truth. In reality leading up to moving away from home for the first time to go to a university that wasn’t really where I wanted to be, I became very anxious. This in turn made me become more self-conscious, and even though I took photos for my blog (these photos are from last August) I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t stupid to write and what’s the point of all this anyway, I'm just stupid etc. etc.

It came to a complete standstill when I went off to university. Being around new people who all seemed more grown up and put together than me was a big knock to my confidence. It took me a while before I became comfortable in my own skin again.

I decided a while back to start posting again but it took me a while to get around to it. These photos are from a while back but I still really like the outfit. Even though my style has changed slightly, this is still something I would wear. The shirt has become a bit of a staple in my wardrobe. I love the print and the crop just looks so cute with anything high-waisted or my growing collection of pinafores and dungarees.

I'm going to be posting more again but I probably won’t stick to a set time. I already have 3 posts ready and plan take more photos the next few weeks. So if you’re interested I’d recommend following me on Bloglovin’ or Instagram so you know when I post something. 

Shirt from h&m £12.99
Jacket from Primark £14
Shorts from Topshop ebay £6
Bag from Accessorize £6
Boots from Clarks old

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27 Aug 2015

The Great British Summer

So this year we have had a pretty rubbish summer. The weather has been consistently cold and wet, except from when I’ve been in work for some reason – it’s been lovely then! But this really sucks as I haven’t been able to wear summer-y clothes. 

I really love this shirt, its might not be clear in these pictures but it’s covered in little watermelons! 

I'm wearing:
Shirt from Okeysi
High waisted shorts from Topshop
bought on ebay for £6
Tights from Primark
Bag from Accessorize
for £6
Shoes from Primark for £6

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1 Aug 2015

Strawberry swing

So the other day I went strawberry picking with my mum and the wee ones. I remember getting really excited about doing this when I was little and the place we went to in Dunning was all in poly tunnels which kept us sheltered from the wind, so it turned out to be a lot of fun. We’ve been having proper “British summer weather” this year – wind, rain, storms, even some snow on the mountains – so to be outside but not frozen was a novelty. To be fair, there has been some warm spells but I’ve usually been at work when these have happened. We were spoilt so much the last few summers when it has been consistently hot that I feel like the summer hasn’t really begun yet, but we only have a month left. Hopefully the rubbish summer will mean that we actually get proper snow this winter.

When we got back home with the strawberries we picked, we found quite a lot of them were over ripe. So we made them into jam. The show off in me wants to paint a picture how it all went amazingly well and I am a domestic goddess like the ones you find on Pinterest, but in reality we didn’t remember what we had learnt from making jam last year and it came out way too thick. It still tasted great though – even if you have to squish it into the bread – which is really all that matters.

I'm wearing:
Shirt from H&M for £12.99
Pinafore from Forever 21 for £10
Denim jacket from Topman for £45
Bag from Accessorize for £6
Tights from Primark
Knee high socks from Primark
for £2.50

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18 Jul 2015

Writers block

So I haven’t posted in the last couple of weeks. I had everything ready for posting back however many Thursdays ago it was that I was supposed to post this except for the text. I had no idea what to write for it.

I am the first to admit that I'm not very good at writing for this anyway. I’ve never been very good with non-fiction writing. It doesn’t come very easily to me and nothing interesting enough to write about ever happens to me. But ever since people I know in real life started reading this, I feel as though I should be better at this; and my technique for things I don’t think I'm very good at yet, put them off until last minute.

One thing with not blogging as frequently as I promised is that even though I have had my hair short for over a month but I haven’t put any pictures up on here. I really like it; I'm even considering cutting it even shorter. I also want to dye it. I’ve never dyed all my hair a different colour; I had it dip-dyed red a few years back and less than a year ago I dyed the underside purple. If I was to dye it again I would probably dye the underside or even the whole thing purple. The only thing holding me back from changing my hair dramatically is my job but that should be over soon, so watch this space.

I’m wearing:
Jacket from Primark for £14
Dress from H&M for £9
Jumper from Primark for £2
Necklace from Primark for £1.50
Shoes from Primark for £7
Tights from Primark

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20 Jun 2015


So I’ve missed a few posts. The last few weeks have been filled with a mess of exams, misbehaving technology and holidays. If you follow me on instragram you probably know that I was in Madrid last week with my friends (which I might do a post on it later). But before that I finished high school and we had our prom.

A testament to how pretentious my school is they couldn’t just call it the Prom. Oh no, it was the Ave Atque Vale which is Latin for farewell or something. I’m not really one for school events or dances. The only reason I was excited for it was to see what everyone was wearing. Despite that it was quite fun. 

These pictures are all kind of rubbish as I didn’t leave enough time to take descent pictures. Some are a bit of a weird shape because I had to cut people out of them. I was going to sort of retake the pictures the next day but I had got my hair cut. It’s now short and I have a proper fringe that sits right.

I kind of regret wearing so much makeup; my foundation is way too full coverage for me and I could of even gone without it. I also regret not bringing a spare pair of shoes. The heels were really tall and I have no experience of heels. I could walk ok-ish in them when I was there and I even somehow managed to ceilidh dance in them without breaking an ankle (just). But when it came to walking outside, well I nearly broke the shoes. At least I didn’t fall…

I’m wearing:
Dress from Lindy Bop for £34.99
shoes from Debut for £26
Bag from Debut (old)
Earrings (very old)
Necklace (vintage)

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I’ve gone back to my 365 day project (if you can still call it that) and should start doing round up posts for that again. Also my friends have recently found out about my blog and I don’t know if they are reading this, but if you are, please don’t watch my youtube.

15 May 2015

Bangor and Batman

So back when I was in Ireland I decided to be productive and take loads of pictures that I could use for my blog as right now I am supposed to be studying for my final exams. The “loads of pictures” ended up being only two posts worth. I admit that these aren’t the best pictures. Both the sun and the wind and sun were strong, and there wasn’t a lot of time. So these were the only ones that could be used.

I find it funny how my style fluctuates between dresses and skirts to jeans and actual man’s clothes. This blog sees more of my girly side as I'm still working out how to wear men’s shirts and jumpers without looking, well masculine.

I think my more tomboy side probably comes from my jealousy of men’s preppy styles and the nerdy t-shirts that you can find in the men’s section that don’t have slogans on them like “my boyfriend is a superhero”. Also it’s nice to be warm sometimes without having to wear a ton of layers as men’s clothes seems to be thicker and actually cover most of your chest.

I’m wearing:
Jacket from New Look (old)
Batman shirt from Primark
High waisted jeans from Primark £13
Converse from Office (old)

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27 Apr 2015

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

I may or may not have forgotten that I was supposed to post last week, so here is the post:

So when I was in Northern Ireland the weather was perfect so I got a few pictures of my outfits. This dress reminded me of Donaghadee when I bought it and it was only right that I took pictures of it there. So I managed to get down to Donaghadee; the weather was lovely and we didn’t expect it to last that long, and I was about to start taking pictures with my DSLR when I noticed that I had very cleverly left my memory card at the house. So here are my improvised-with-my-phone-while-old-ladies-were-staring-at-me outfit pictures!

When I was taking the pictures I kept finding more and more things that matched my dress. It was defiantly made for Donaghadee!

I’m wearing
Dress from Yumi on sale in House of Frazer for £30
Cardigan from Primark
tights from Primark
shoes from Primark
on sale for £6
Bag from Accessories on sale for £6

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So my exams have started so I’m going to be busy for the next month or so. I decided a while back to pause the 365 day project. I know that this defeats the purpose but I really need to focus on these exams. I’ve also gone into a bit of a “social media hibernation” but after the exams are over, that’s me finished school and I’m free until I go to university in September. I’ll be keeping up the posts like this one and something may pop up on my YouTube channel but I'm going to cut out all the extras.