27 Feb 2015

365 Day Project: Week 8

I can’t believe its march next week! I'm partly relived that winter is nearly over but at the same time there’s so many deadlines looming over me. The closer they get, the more overwhelmed I become and the more I try to burry my head in the sand and hope it will go away. Not a good technique…

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26 Feb 2015

Eternal Autumn

I'm getting really bored of winter. January and February always feel so long and by the end of it, I’m just ready for spring. I always find it really hard to dress nicely during these months. It takes so much effort to wear pretty skirts and dresses when you know that you will be miserable and will be wearing a jumper and coat on top anyway. Jeans and an old t-shirt will do. One thing I’ve discovered which helps is fleece lined and woollen tights. Sometimes it can be warmer than wearing jeans and means you can wear dresses to your hearts content. 

I particularly like these ones from Next. I don’t know if you can tell from these pictures, but they are sparkly! I have a bit of a thing for sparkly clothes at the moment and these tights are great because they are subtle enough that I can get away with them in both parties and every day. 

I managed to take these outside with a tripod. I'm sort of proud of this because I felt really awkward and was worried that someone I knew would walk past and ask what I was doing. But I persevered and even though I had to finish sooner than I probably wanted because I saw someone coming, I did manage to enjoy myself. These were taken probably about ten minutes on foot away from my house and it seems to be pretty quiet there, so it may become my default location. I just hope this isn’t an eternal autumn because it will look strange in the summer.

I'm wearing:

“We’re All Plaid Here” Coat from Modcloth on sale for £19 (what a cool name!)
Jumper from Gap
Top from George on sale for £5
Skirt from H&M which was something like £7
Tights from Next
Boots from Primark 
Bag from Accessorize on sale for £6

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14 Feb 2015

365 Day Project: Week 6

I’m late again because I was working. This week I’ve been stuck in a bit of a self-portrait rut but I have been outside. I really need to learn to do a mix of photography and to actually make it interesting.

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12 Feb 2015

Let It Snow!

 So a couple of weeks ago I finally took pictures out in the snow. But because I already had that week’s post organised, I decided to delay it until this week. I was planning to do an outfit centred around valentines but since I am perpetually single and don’t care about Valentine’s Day, I decided just to leave it.

It was absolutely freezing and since I was using a timer, a lot of my pictures are of me looking cold and/or miserable 

(It’s weird how detached I am from these pictures; usually I’m like “I can’t put that one up, my arm is slightly out of place” but today I'm like “let’s all laugh at Past Bronwyn”.)

The snow only has to get this deep in Britain before we are all worried about whether the school will close and panic buy tinned food.

Also I’ve filmed a Get Ready With Me Pre-Blogging Make-up Routine video (I don’t know what to call it) that I will put up sometime next week. I haven’t edited that yet…

I'm wearing:
Jumper from Primark for £3
Denim Shirt from Primark
Coat from New Look
Purple Skinny Jeans from Primark
for £11
Boots from Clarks

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(I'm in a really weird mood today where everything I write doesn’t make much sense so sorry about the posts content)

7 Feb 2015

365 Day Project: Week 5

Yes, I know that I was supposed to put this up yesterday but life got in the way. Between my job and school – I hardly have any free time. This week  I tried to do more portrait photograph since I feel like I’ve got the hang of what I'm doing and portrait photography is what I'm doing for this blog. I just need to get out more and since its getting dark later now; it’s becoming more of a possibility. As always, here’s a link to my instagram

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5 Feb 2015

My January Primark Haul

So this week seems to be a week of hauls on my blog…

Last week I was in Primark and picked up a few bargains. I decided to film a video about it as haven’t done anything for YouTube in a while. I also took pictures as some of you may not want to listen to me talk. So without further ado, my newest Primark haul

First of a bought two necklaces 

(I had no idea how hard it is to take pictures of necklaces before this)

Both of them were £1.50 and they are nice to add small details to an outfit.

Next I got this rose gold clutch

It was only £1 and small enough to be used as a purse but large enough to be a bag by itself. Right now I keep all my loyalty cards in it

I also got a hat because when it started to snow, I realised that I don’t own any. 

It was only £1 so if I don’t end up needing it, it won’t be too be a deal.

I also bought I long sleeve, dotty top.  

It was only £2 and it will look cute with a skirt in the spring.

I also got some Jumpers from the men’s section. 

There was lots on sale and it was a miracle that I managed to stop myself with three. 

The first two jumpers were £3 and the last one was £2. I already wore it in a post here

Because I was in a buying mood, I also got some essentials.

First of I got some "seamless footies". They were £1.30 and are good for shoes you can’t really wear socks with – like my brogues.

After hearing a lot about these, I got a pair of fleece lined tights.

These were £3.50 and they are so warm and soft – just a joy to wear.  

Next I got a hair doughnut 

It was only 80p and as you probably know, I'm pretty late to trends and this is my first one.

And finally, I got two makeup brushes 

I got a blusher brush for £1.50 and an eyeshadow brush for £1. They were supposed to be a “just-in-the-meantime” sort of thing but I think they are pretty good. They’re very soft and put on enough product. There has been no shedding and the blusher brush is large enough for it to blend out for a natural look.

So that’s my Primark haul. There was a lot of bargains, and considering that I only spent £22.30 overall, I don’t feel bad about buying all that stuff.

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I was thinking about getting a new camera lens and was wondering what other bloggers use? What do you reckon is the best one to get for the type of posts I do?