30 Oct 2014

Skeleton in the Wardrobe

This week the weather was horrible – what can you expect from a Scottish October – but this meant I couldn’t get out anywhere to take pictures. This sucks because there is an old graveyard near me that would’ve looked awesome in pictures. Instead I had to struggle with lighting as it seems to be getting dark from 4 o’clock. I’m going to pretend the shadows are deliberate and not just because of my four different light sources.

I couldn’t get a picture of my earrings on. I’ve had these for zonks but I keep forgetting to wear them on Halloween

I'm wearing
Skeleton jumper I got on ebay for £11
Round collared shirt from M&S
Skirt I got in the sale in Tesco’s for £5
Dark tight I got from Primark for £3 for a pack of
Bat earrings

I've decided to add an "I'm listening to" part at the end of my posts because not much happens to me, so this will at least be something interesting

So Today I'm Listening To

23 Oct 2014

Falling For Autumn

I love autumn; the crunching of leaves, the colours and especially the clothes. Layers, jumpers and warm scarfs are my favourite way to dress. Also there is the anticipation for Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas. This year it seems to have snuck up on me and my mind is stuck in late summer. This isn’t helped by the mild weather and I constantly find myself surprised about how late in the season it is. 

I had also been messing around with the IOS and shutter speed settings so both manual and auto was unusable so I had it on an automatic setting which seemed to pick up the colours well. The only problem is I can’t seem to get it back to normal.

I'm wearing
Jumper from Gap I got last year
Tartan skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch I got for £4.50 on ebay because I liked the print
Fox bag that is all over ebay
Brogues from Primark
they’re usually £10 but I got them in the sale for £6
Tights from Primark which cost £3 for a pack of 3. Tights rip too quickly to bother buying a good quality pair and they usually are too short on me.

I'm listening to: 

If you have any tips or comments, feel free to leave them at the bottom because I’m still learning and would appreciate the help! 

16 Oct 2014

The park in Portaferry

Recently we were visiting family in Northern Ireland and we went for a roundabout drive to Donaghadee. I love it there, mostly because we go there every time we go to Ireland and I’m a bit of a creature of habit. It was really windy though, so after a lunch of fish and chips and Maud’s pooh bear ice-cream – which is the best ice-cream ever – we travelled further down to Portaferry. It seemed to be better sheltered there and when you were in the sun it was quite warm. So we when for walk and found a play park. There was literally nobody around because it’s not the holidays yet over there. It had a really worn stone wall that looked like a cool backdrop so I took some photos.  I may look painfully awkward in them but that’s because I'm a painfully awkward person.

I'm wearing:

Woollen maroon tights from Primark
Blowfish boots (which are actually my school shoes and is kind of cheating as they were £50 but I always invest more on a small selection of shoes and just wear them with everything)
Playsuit from Urban Outfitters which I got on ebay for £3.50 including p&p. It really pays to look through ebay as you can find some really cool stuff that is just like new.
Army jacket from new look which again I got on ebay 
Satchel from Primark i got last year
Ravenclaw scarf
Tardis necklace from BunnysBeadsUK (you probably can tell already that I’m a big nerd)

I'm listening to:

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15 Oct 2014

Harry Potter Studios

This is my first blog attempt, so here it goes… 

 During the summer we went to Harry Potter Studios. Since my childhood basically consisted of me reading the Harry Potter books on a loop, I was very excited. If you don’t want any spoilers of the tour stop reading now!

It was awesome, a lot better than I hoped it would be! I thought it would just be displays of props and costumes but there is the great hall, a scale model of Hogwarts and even Diagon Alley! The pictures are kind of blurry as the camera on my phone has a rubbish shutter speed.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of my outfit until I got back to the hotel because it was so busy.

I bought a Ravenclaw scarf because I’ve wanted one since I was 10. I was sorted into Ravenclaw by Pottermore so it’s totally legit.

I’m wearing:
Top from Asda (it was on sale at the time so it was only £5)
Skirt from h&m
Converse from office
Trench coat from new look (I got it on ebay for £5.20)
cardigan from Primark 

I'm listening to: