27 Apr 2015

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

I may or may not have forgotten that I was supposed to post last week, so here is the post:

So when I was in Northern Ireland the weather was perfect so I got a few pictures of my outfits. This dress reminded me of Donaghadee when I bought it and it was only right that I took pictures of it there. So I managed to get down to Donaghadee; the weather was lovely and we didn’t expect it to last that long, and I was about to start taking pictures with my DSLR when I noticed that I had very cleverly left my memory card at the house. So here are my improvised-with-my-phone-while-old-ladies-were-staring-at-me outfit pictures!

When I was taking the pictures I kept finding more and more things that matched my dress. It was defiantly made for Donaghadee!

I’m wearing
Dress from Yumi on sale in House of Frazer for £30
Cardigan from Primark
tights from Primark
shoes from Primark
on sale for £6
Bag from Accessories on sale for £6

Today I’m listening to:

So my exams have started so I’m going to be busy for the next month or so. I decided a while back to pause the 365 day project. I know that this defeats the purpose but I really need to focus on these exams. I’ve also gone into a bit of a “social media hibernation” but after the exams are over, that’s me finished school and I’m free until I go to university in September. I’ll be keeping up the posts like this one and something may pop up on my YouTube channel but I'm going to cut out all the extras.

13 Apr 2015

A Spring in my Step

So you may have noticed that I didn’t post at all last week. I was visiting family in Northern Ireland but it meant that I had no internet connection. I’ll have to do a longer roundup of my 365 day project sometime this week but I thought my outfit post was probably more urgent so I posted this first. To make up for my absence, I’m going to post some pictures up on my side blog because it is feeling pretty neglected. Also, if my editing skills allow it, there should be a video up on myYouTube channel soon. 

There is something I’ve noticed with spring. I don’t know if it’s to do with the workload from school from February to March or the fact decisions on what we do the next year happen in this time or if it’s just the lack of sunlight but I always feel really down between New Years and Easter. I can go from being slightly existential to being cheery again as soon as the days get longer and the flowers start to come out again. This year I even managed to pinpoint it to a couple of days after the clocks changed. Just as soon as I got used to waking up an hour earlier, I was fine.

I was originally going to take these pictures in the middle of a forest but I hadn’t thought it through enough and only 10 minutes down the road my shoes and jeans were caked in mud. So this was a kind of grubby take two.

I am really glad I am out of my flump though as I get disproportionally excited about things when I’m cheery. For example, I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and I saw these shoes. I seem to only own boots at the moment and was thinking about getting a pair of converse before the summer came into full swing. Really the only reason I haven’t done this yet was because I couldn’t decide if I wanted plain ones that would go with anything or be more individual and get a cool, bold pair that may look a bit too much with certain things. These silver shoes have kind of satisfied my urge to buy bold converse and have made the decision slightly easier. 

I need to stop gushing about clothes on this blog….

I’m wearing
Plaid coat from Modcloth on sale for £19
Jumper from Next I got on eBay something like £5
High waisted jeans from Primark for £13 (I think)
Silver shoes from Sainsbury’s on sale for £8

Today I’m listening to: