20 Jun 2015


So I’ve missed a few posts. The last few weeks have been filled with a mess of exams, misbehaving technology and holidays. If you follow me on instragram you probably know that I was in Madrid last week with my friends (which I might do a post on it later). But before that I finished high school and we had our prom.

A testament to how pretentious my school is they couldn’t just call it the Prom. Oh no, it was the Ave Atque Vale which is Latin for farewell or something. I’m not really one for school events or dances. The only reason I was excited for it was to see what everyone was wearing. Despite that it was quite fun. 

These pictures are all kind of rubbish as I didn’t leave enough time to take descent pictures. Some are a bit of a weird shape because I had to cut people out of them. I was going to sort of retake the pictures the next day but I had got my hair cut. It’s now short and I have a proper fringe that sits right.

I kind of regret wearing so much makeup; my foundation is way too full coverage for me and I could of even gone without it. I also regret not bringing a spare pair of shoes. The heels were really tall and I have no experience of heels. I could walk ok-ish in them when I was there and I even somehow managed to ceilidh dance in them without breaking an ankle (just). But when it came to walking outside, well I nearly broke the shoes. At least I didn’t fall…

I’m wearing:
Dress from Lindy Bop for £34.99
shoes from Debut for £26
Bag from Debut (old)
Earrings (very old)
Necklace (vintage)

I’m listening to:

I’ve gone back to my 365 day project (if you can still call it that) and should start doing round up posts for that again. Also my friends have recently found out about my blog and I don’t know if they are reading this, but if you are, please don’t watch my youtube.