20 Nov 2014

Raccoons and Ringlets

After we went swimming the other day, I just let my hair dry naturally. This produced what has been dubbed as my “triangle hair”. My hair usually curls tighter when I leave it, but I’ve been straightening it a lot more often and it seems to have melted my hair or something because the last couple of times it was just straight frizz. The lighting is terrible in all these pictures so if I look a little red that’s why.

The jumper I'm wearing is from the men’s section. I find that guy’s jumpers are a lot warmer and the neck-line is so high, you don’t need a scarf. In Primark specifically, the men’s jumpers seem to be less itchy and wash a lot better as they don’t shrink as badly. The styles are usually very similar to the woman’s and they seem to be in more muted colours which is something I particularly like.     

I'm wearing:
Jumper from Primark (they are usually £6 but I managed to get mine at the start of summer for £3.)
Denim Shorts from Primark I got for £3.80
Raccoon woollen tights from Primark
(there are also fox ones in and they’re only £3)
Boots from Clarks (but you can get ones similar everywhere)

I'm listening to:


  1. Cozy outfit! I adore the tights. Talking about hair, mine was curly and now is no shape at all because I straight it very often. Yours looks perfect like that. You have very good music taste :-)


  2. Thank you so much! i've also noticed that the more often I straighten my hair, the straighter it would get when i didn't. I'm too lazy to straighten it often enough though