28 Nov 2014

Getting to know you...

When I finally find my camcorder, I was thinking of doing an “introducing me” video because it will be a lot more interesting than if I just did a long blog post. So if you have any questions for me, please comment and I might use them!

Oh and just a reminder to check out my blog this time next week as there will be a new post!

20 Nov 2014

Raccoons and Ringlets

After we went swimming the other day, I just let my hair dry naturally. This produced what has been dubbed as my “triangle hair”. My hair usually curls tighter when I leave it, but I’ve been straightening it a lot more often and it seems to have melted my hair or something because the last couple of times it was just straight frizz. The lighting is terrible in all these pictures so if I look a little red that’s why.

The jumper I'm wearing is from the men’s section. I find that guy’s jumpers are a lot warmer and the neck-line is so high, you don’t need a scarf. In Primark specifically, the men’s jumpers seem to be less itchy and wash a lot better as they don’t shrink as badly. The styles are usually very similar to the woman’s and they seem to be in more muted colours which is something I particularly like.     

I'm wearing:
Jumper from Primark (they are usually £6 but I managed to get mine at the start of summer for £3.)
Denim Shorts from Primark I got for £3.80
Raccoon woollen tights from Primark
(there are also fox ones in and they’re only £3)
Boots from Clarks (but you can get ones similar everywhere)

I'm listening to:

6 Nov 2014

A Geek on Halloween

Ah, Halloween; the day when it’s socially acceptable to cosplay. Last year I had a surprise party invite and I had to throw a costume together in a couple of hours. This isn’t as easy as it sounds as my group are very fandom oriented and the sort of costumes at the party were full Hogwarts robes, the TARDIS, Cecil from Welcome to night vale and Attack of the Titans characters. I ended up going as Princess Lea with just a baggy white t-shirt and my hair in two buns at the side of my head. It was kind of lame so this year I prepared an awesome fem-11th doctor costume using mostly my school uniform and things I would wear again. Unfortunately nobody had a party this year and now I look really geeky with a Doctor Who cosplay and nowhere to wear it. Sorry about the bad pictures, I used the camera on the front of my phone, which kind of sucks.

I'm wearing:
Tweed blazer from H&M I got on ebay for £6
Bow tie that I again got on ebay for 25p
Braces from ebay again
for 56p
My school shirt from Marks and Spencer’s
School Skirt from Tesco’s I got at the start of summer for £5
Tights from Tesco’s
Boots from Clarks
Sonic screwdriver
I stole from my brother for the night

I'm listening to:

I'm going to have to change my posting schedule so it’s every second Thursday because I literally have no free time or transport right now, which is also why the last two posts were from my room.