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Strawberry swing

So the other day I went strawberry picking with my mum and the wee ones. I remember getting really excited about doing this when I was little and the place we went to in Dunning was all in poly tunnels which kept us sheltered from the wind, so it turned out to be a lot of fun. We’ve been having proper “British summer weather” this year – wind, rain, storms, even some snow on the mountains – so to be outside but not frozen was a novelty. To be fair, there has been some warm spells but I’ve usually been at work when these have happened. We were spoilt so much the last few summers when it has been consistently hot that I feel like the summer hasn’t really begun yet, but we only have a month left. Hopefully the rubbish summer will mean that we actually get proper snow this winter.

When we got back home with the strawberries we picked, we found quite a lot of them were over ripe. So we made them into jam. The show off in me wants to paint a picture how it all went amazingly well and I am a domestic goddess like the ones you find on Pinterest, but in reality we didn’t remember what we had learnt from making jam last year and it came out way too thick. It still tasted great though – even if you have to squish it into the bread – which is really all that matters.

I'm wearing:
Shirt from H&M for £12.99
Pinafore from Forever 21 for £10
Denim jacket from Topman for £45
Bag from Accessorize for £6
Tights from Primark
Knee high socks from Primark
for £2.50

 I'm listening to:


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