15 May 2015

Bangor and Batman

So back when I was in Ireland I decided to be productive and take loads of pictures that I could use for my blog as right now I am supposed to be studying for my final exams. The “loads of pictures” ended up being only two posts worth. I admit that these aren’t the best pictures. Both the sun and the wind and sun were strong, and there wasn’t a lot of time. So these were the only ones that could be used.

I find it funny how my style fluctuates between dresses and skirts to jeans and actual man’s clothes. This blog sees more of my girly side as I'm still working out how to wear men’s shirts and jumpers without looking, well masculine.

I think my more tomboy side probably comes from my jealousy of men’s preppy styles and the nerdy t-shirts that you can find in the men’s section that don’t have slogans on them like “my boyfriend is a superhero”. Also it’s nice to be warm sometimes without having to wear a ton of layers as men’s clothes seems to be thicker and actually cover most of your chest.

I’m wearing:
Jacket from New Look (old)
Batman shirt from Primark
High waisted jeans from Primark £13
Converse from Office (old)

Today I’m listening to: 


  1. This outfit is absolutely adorable!! My favorite way to wear men's shirts is with skinny jeans, as well, it helps balance out the oversized top! :)