26 Mar 2015

Its kinda funny the way we’re wearing anchors on our shirts

So the other day I saw this shirt in H&M and you know the way that sometimes you see an item of clothing and you can just know how you would wear it? Well that happened to me, and even though my cheap-skate tendencies were reluctant at the fact it was £20, I really wanted this shirt.

To be fair, sort of smart-casual shirts are something that is missing from my wardrobe so really it was a smart buy. This outfit is vaguely based off something Clara Oswald wore in Doctor Who. Whoever styles the characters in the last 5 or so years of Doctor Who has amazing taste and I always get style envy while watching the show. Doctor Who may have had some dodgy storylines recently but at least it is pretty to look at!

The exposure is a bit off in these pictures as I got someone to take them for me, but didn’t think to put it back on a pre-programed mode. I’ll need to train them up on all the dials.

Basing my outfits of sci-fi characters; I’m such a nerd…

I’m wearing:
Shirt from H&M for £20
Necklace from Primark for £1.50, it has become a bit of a staple for me
Coat from New Look
Shorts from Primark
for £3.80 on eBay
Grey tights from Primark 3 pack for £1
Boots from Clarks
Bag from Accessorize
on sale for £6

Today I'm listening: