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So yesterday I was having one of “Those Days”. My fringewouldn’t sit right, I was late for School, I got the worst test results I’ve ever had back, I walked into a tree when I was talking to someone, you know – one of those days where nothing went right. But when I came home, my delivery from Modcloth had come!

 I was very excited as for years I have been window shopping on their site. But the other day I saw some stuff I liked on sale and I had more money than usual as I worked the four days after New Year’s, and I caved in.  My friend requested pictures of what I bought, and being overexcited by it, I’ve decided to do a whole blog post. They're all no longer available so I wont be able to put links. 

(The moment you’ve been waiting for… You have no Idea Modcloth)

The first thing I noticed was how adorable the box was. I mean look at it, it’s dotty! I’ve kept the box and am planning to keep something in it, maybe my crocheting yarn. 

(It has words inside)

(Tape even has their logo on it!)

So enough about the box.

(It’s so cute!)

I bought three things from Modcloth, the first was this dress.

I’m pretty late to the whole galaxy print trend and I thought that this dress was a cute mix of cute tea dresses with galaxy print.

Next of I got this novelty lama print jumper.

(it’s so weird, I love it!)

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve kind of got a jumper problem. I counted all the jumpers I own the other day and I have 17. To be fair, I practically live in them and I don’t have any novelty print ones, so this was a good buy.

The last thing I got was this plaid coat

(It defiantly doesn't go with that dress)

I only own one winter coat which I just consistently wear so I thought it would be a good idea to get a new one. It has a very early 60’s feel to it – a wee bit like the style in Call the Midwife right now – and I’m a sucker for plaid and tartan
The dress was $27 (£17), the jumper was $21 (£13) and the coat was $30 (£19). The postage was a killer – $33.40 (£21) – but otherwise it wasn’t too dear and expected when it’s from America

Today I'm listening to:

This is going to look bad as I'm putting up a Primark Haul post/video on Thursday. I promise I’m not a haul blog; I’m just excited by Modcloth!


  1. bad fringe days are the worst! suffered from one today too...

    HOWEVER THAT DRESS. I'm in love. supergorgeous! looks great on ya. x

    1. Its amazing, i saw it and thought "I want!". I was what started my buying spree

  2. Love all these items!
    The dress looks great on you :)

  3. That coat is absolutely perfect! And the galaxy dress actually looks like it has lights shining on it. I did a double-take. Modcloth is so awesome!

  4. The print on the dress is simply gorgeous and the sweater is beyond cute. Hahaha I completely understand your sweater addiction, they are so comfy and so easy to style :)

    1. They are basically what I wear everyday!

  5. OMG, all the items are cute, good purchases! it is true that delivery expenses are high, but Modcloth is so adorable...
    Bad fringe is everyday problem, hehe, I cut it myself, have you tried? :-)

    1. Once, it ended up slopping the wrong way...

  6. I have way too many sweaters too. Like a box full and it doesn't stay very cold where I live for that long. I don't think you can ever have too many though! I'm loving your galaxy print dress too. My sister actually has that one!

    Jamie |


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