7 Feb 2015

365 Day Project: Week 5

Yes, I know that I was supposed to put this up yesterday but life got in the way. Between my job and school – I hardly have any free time. This week  I tried to do more portrait photograph since I feel like I’ve got the hang of what I'm doing and portrait photography is what I'm doing for this blog. I just need to get out more and since its getting dark later now; it’s becoming more of a possibility. As always, here’s a link to my instagram

Today I'm listening to:


  1. Good pictures, your new items suits you. The coat is absolutely gorgeous :-)


  2. You are super stylish. I love those shoes probably because I have an identical pair.
    I found you through TBC love your blog and the design is really nice.
    If you have a moment please checkout my blog I would love any advice and maybe even a follow if you like it xx
    Another Teen On The Web