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A New Year

So another year has come to an end and I don’t have much to reflect back on. Yes, I have grown more in this year than any other, but there haven’t been any specific things that I am proud of and I’ve came nowhere near completing my resolutions. This year instead of setting resolutions that I conveniently forget within the month, I am going to make ones that I will have to stick to. For starters, my mother and I are going to start an exercise class and drag the other to it. I'm going to try and vary my hair and makeup more and include them in my blog posts. I'm also going to do a 365 project where I take a picture every day. To make sure I’m doing this, I will post them to my Instagram. Hopefully this will make me improve my photos because let’s face it; they’re all pretty bad right now. 

These photos are of my outfit from this New Year’s Eve taken on my phone as the connector for the proper camera has broken, so they are all a bit blurry. We had a very casual “party” for New Year’s Eve; basically the little ones danced for an hour before getting bored and watching a movie. I had to go to bed straight after midnight anyway because I had work at 9 the next morning. I hope everyone else had more fun.

(I can tell why people say never to work with animals)

I'm wearing
Badger Jumper from new look
Navy dress from Primark
I got at the end of the season for I think it was £3
Sparkly Tights from Next
Hair Bow from Accessorize which was on sale and only £2.50  

I'm listening to: 

Happy new year everyone and may this one be much better than the last.


  1. Lovely photographs :) The bow is so adorable. Keeping my fingers crossed for you to copmlete all your resolutions :) Also I must say that I love your music taste. I had never heard most of the songs you put in your posts, but when I did, I became completely obsessed with them :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like my music taste, I worry people will just look at it and judge

  3. Good luck! I love the badger sweater, it's adorable! Happy New Year!

  4. I love your hairdo and bow!

    1. Thanks, I got the bow literally that day

  5. you are very cute

  6. Cute jumper!

  7. The jumper is so sweet .I love the ribbons in the hair look too. I also want to exercise and improve my photography. The instagram challenge sounds like a great way to do it actually. Good luck with your resolutions and hopefully we'll hear about how they're going soon!

    1. Thank you, I heard of another blogger doing the instagram challenge so I can't claim any originality with that one

  8. Happy new year! xx

  9. Your jumper and hair bow are so cutes!! you look pretty. Good luck with the exercise class and with the pictures project :-) Also, I love Twoo Door Cinema Club.


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