4 Dec 2014

Clueing for looks

I was going to make my first post in December Christmas-y, but I saw this dress in Primark the other day and fell in love. I’ve been looking for a tartan dress for a while and a dress with a peter pan collar for even longer. The material is quite thick which is brilliant for winter and it’s even a fit and flare; which I’m really in to right now as it gives me shape and showcases my figure. I feel like I'm either a private school girl or Nancy drew! As I’m always late to the party, I also got my first pair of knee high tights. I have no idea what shoes to wear them with, but these boots will do until I get a feel for it.

It got a bit colder and I had to put my jacket back on. I'm surprised I lasted so long as I'm a cold person but it’s been a very mild winter so far. I really doubt it will snow this year which is a pity. I bought my jacket last year because it reminded me of Sherlock’s coat in the BBC’s Sherlock and everywhere I look, somebody has the exact one. It’s also flared which is cute when paired with dresses, but also makes a simple jeans and a jumper look more feminine.

(Guest appearance of my little brother and sister) 

I'm wearing
Dress from Primark which was £13
Knee high socks from Primark which were £2.50
Boots from Clarks which you may of guessed by now are one of my winter essentials as they are fur lined and so cosy
Coat from New Look which is another winter essential
Gloves I got in Tesco’s last year
Hair bow from eBay
Nude tights from Primark
because it’s too cold for bare legs and they make the skin on your legs look unflawed.

I'm listening to: 


  1. Lovely dress!! I love how you style it with knee socks! I did´t realise that you wear nude tights!!!
    I also like the song :-) Greetings from Spain.


  2. yeah, its too cold in Britain to go without tights. That's so cool that you're in Spain, I've been there a few times and i really like it! Where about are you in Spain?

    1. I was born in Bilbao, but I´m living in Madrid. I moved to Madrid looking for a job and I´ve been living here for 13 years now!! Here is very cold as well!

    2. Oh cool. Madrid is nice, me and my friends are going on holidays there next summer!

  3. This dress is beyond amazing :) And I love its collar :) You are right, this reminds me of Nancy Drew so much ! Whenever I need someting I always find it in Primark, wish I had one in my country though:(
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram

  4. Love your dress beauty <3

  5. Really cute outfit, instead of knee socks I think white tights would look cute, and you might like these shoes, to go with it (the first pair).

  6. I absolutely love this dress and it looks good on you!! :)

  7. The red bow is beautiful, as is your hair :)
    Loving the socks too! ^.^

    Greetings from the other end of the Island

    Sarah xo


  8. I love your dress and red bow :)


  9. I love this post! You are adorable, and that dress, and your hair and that bow! So lovely! Keep up the good work!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination