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Act Casual

The other day I had a day off work so we went into Glasgow under the pretence of going to see Glasgow University. Like any good “under the pretence” trip, we spent more time going on a roundabout route to the university than we spent there.
First thing we intended to do after getting off the train was to go to YO Sushi for lunch. But instead we spent twenty or so minutes drifting through the House of Fraser it is in. The building is probably Victorian or Georgian – I'm not too sure – and even though everything was way about my price range, the building and atmosphere was nice. They had put up their Christmas lights which was exciting, because who doesn’t get excited by Christmas lights. 

We finally sat down to eat at YO Sushi. YO sushi is great for those who want to be adventurous but at the same time are sort of scared. The sushi is very recognisable and most of it is fully explained in the menu. The conveyor belt system is great because it meant I could be adventurous and try some of the things I wouldn’t normally. 

Once we had finished and had explored the market in a backstreet off Buchannan Street, we got the subway to the west end. We did our compulsory rummage through the vintage shops off Byres Road, and by the time we finally got to the university it was 4 o’clock and getting dark. 

(Look at this scary Santa on the Ted Baker display)  

I didn’t really get anything from us awkwardly drifting around the area about the university except that the main building looked like Hogwarts. But I had fun getting there which is what counts. 

 I didn’t get any pictures of my outfit in Glasgow because it was busy in the main area and had got dark quickly so these are more of a re-enactment in my back garden.

I had my eye on this jumper for a while. It was from the men’s section but like I previously said, men’s jumpers are usually in nicer, more muted colours. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen that this jumper has become a bit of a staple for me because it’s so warm and I love the colours. It’s probably the most casual outfit I have worn on this blog so far, but it is far too cold now for anything else.

I'm wearing:
Jumper from Primark for £15 in the men’s section
Grey skinny jeans from primark
Boots from Primark from a while ago 
Comic book bag this is my go-to bag as its can hold so much and is comfortable to carry. It even has an amazing Spiderman 2 spoiler on it! 

Today I'm listening to:

Keep an eye out for my new video - which I will try to post by next Tuesday - about Christmas gifts I got people this year. (I should just call my blog my Adventures in Primark)  If you want notified when I post this or anything new, follow me on one of my sites listed on the side of my blog because I usually mention on them when I’ve posted.

So what do you think of this more blog-y blogging style? Do you like it better than my normal, less about me and more about the clothes posts? And if you go to Glasgow University, what do you think of it there?

Have a very merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year!


  1. I love the jumper and the boots. I would like to go to Glasgow :-)

  2. thank you! Glasgow is really cool, the buildings around the main shopping streets are Georgian/Victorian and it has a really cool west end

  3. Hi Bronwyn, I just happened to stumble upon your blog. I love this outfit very much, so casual yet still adorable! Nice to meet you ♥

  4. Your trips sound like so much fun :) I love sushi, though I wish I was more adventurous while choosing my order (I always end up ordering the same thing as my friend, sice she is a true sushi addict :D).

    1. Yo sushi is great for that: you don't have to order, its on a conveyor belt and you just grab whatever looks nice


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