30 Oct 2014

Skeleton in the Wardrobe

This week the weather was horrible – what can you expect from a Scottish October – but this meant I couldn’t get out anywhere to take pictures. This sucks because there is an old graveyard near me that would’ve looked awesome in pictures. Instead I had to struggle with lighting as it seems to be getting dark from 4 o’clock. I’m going to pretend the shadows are deliberate and not just because of my four different light sources.

I couldn’t get a picture of my earrings on. I’ve had these for zonks but I keep forgetting to wear them on Halloween

I'm wearing
Skeleton jumper I got on ebay for £11
Round collared shirt from M&S
Skirt I got in the sale in Tesco’s for £5
Dark tight I got from Primark for £3 for a pack of
Bat earrings

I've decided to add an "I'm listening to" part at the end of my posts because not much happens to me, so this will at least be something interesting

So Today I'm Listening To

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