15 Oct 2014

Harry Potter Studios

This is my first blog attempt, so here it goes… 

 During the summer we went to Harry Potter Studios. Since my childhood basically consisted of me reading the Harry Potter books on a loop, I was very excited. If you don’t want any spoilers of the tour stop reading now!

It was awesome, a lot better than I hoped it would be! I thought it would just be displays of props and costumes but there is the great hall, a scale model of Hogwarts and even Diagon Alley! The pictures are kind of blurry as the camera on my phone has a rubbish shutter speed.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of my outfit until I got back to the hotel because it was so busy.

I bought a Ravenclaw scarf because I’ve wanted one since I was 10. I was sorted into Ravenclaw by Pottermore so it’s totally legit.

I’m wearing:
Top from Asda (it was on sale at the time so it was only £5)
Skirt from h&m
Converse from office
Trench coat from new look (I got it on ebay for £5.20)
cardigan from Primark 

I'm listening to:

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